Bridging the barriers to transformation: join Proteus at NetHope Global Summit 2022

Increasingly, NGOs are in the midst of transforming. This could be transforming the way they service their beneficiaries, a move to become more digital or how to improve their back-office efficiency. NGOs, Technology Providers and Donors are all highly motivated to transform but only 30% of transformation programmes are successful.

After 20 years of working with commercial and non-profit clients to deliver transformation programmes, Proteus has identified the necessary conditions for successful transformation, and we are bringing our insight to this year’s NetHope Global Summit.


Bridging barriers

As well as being Strategic Networking Sponsors for the Summit, on Thursday 20th October at 4.45pm (GMT) we are hosting Birds of a Feather discussion group: Bridging the Barriers to Transformation through a Collective Approach: How non-profits, donors, and technology providers can work together to help organisations address the pre-conditions needed for a successful transformation.  

This session will bring together NGOs, Technology Providers, and Donors to explore how we can work together, in a more thoughtful and holistic way, to build up non-profits’ capability to deliver greater impact.

Whichever type of transformation you are embarking on, our own practical experience and the insights from our $31bn of project data has identified 24 fundamental building blocks that must be in place for success.

Our analysis has specifically identified that there are 3 critical areas which, if addressed, could materially improve transformation success rates and impact results in the sector. In this session we put forward an argument that these gaps can only be appropriately addressed if NGOs, Technology Providers and Donors collectively approach the challenge.

In the spirit of the NetHope mission, we hope together, we can power a wave of change in how organisations approach transformation. 

Proteus is proud to support the 2022 NetHope Global Summit.

For over two decades, NetHope has brought together non-profit organisations and partners through collective action to harness the power of technology and tackle some of the most significant challenges facing humankind.

This year’s Global Summit agenda will spotlight speakers from a broad range of organisations – from Microsoft to Save the Children. These speakers will tackle issues including cybersecurity, global health, climate change, digital transformation, impact data and global partnerships.

For more information about the summit, the agenda and how to purchase tickets, go to

If you’re unable to attend, you can follow highlights of the event using the hashtag #NetHopeSummit2022 and via the official LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.   



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