17 websites and tools we can’t live without

At Proteus, we love a bit of knowledge sharing. We also love intelligent tools that help make life and work a little easier. We asked the team to share which sites and tools they use almost every day to save time, stay up-to-date and find inspiration.

Here are our favourites.


Sabrina Waite, Senior Consultant

“I love Miro – it’s great for brainstorming and capturing idea. It can be shared with others for collaboration, and other users share templates so you can use them for inspiration as well.

Ideaboardz is another great freebie collaboration tool – brilliant for collecting virtual post-it notes when you can’t do a meeting in person.”

Darran Ling, Head of Partner Practice

“There is a really good EY free weekly newsletter called Five Must Reads which is sent out every Friday to digest over the weekend. I am also one of the sad people that subscribes to Harvard Business Review Magazine, but it’s a really good source of market info!”

Kevin Cummings, Founder

Harvard Business Review is still a ‘go-to’ for me to help stay current across a broad spectrum of subjects. The MIT Sloan Management Review is another one.

A bit random perhaps, but ‘Smallpdf‘ is a very handy little tool for converting from .pdf to MS Word. It does great job on converting text accurately, though it doesn’t convert images unfortunately. Nevertheless it is a great tool and amazing for turning PDFs into editable PowerPoints!”

Louise Thomas, Senior Consultant

“I always read the daily newsletter from The Knowledge (created by the founder of The Week). It’s very diverse and balances serious news with lighter stories, and offers different perspectives to the usual publications. You may need to battle your spam filter to release it but it’s worth it!”

Neil Greenhorn, Implementation Consultant – Sharktower

“I use Pendo daily to give me insights into how our users are using Sharktower, or if they need any help with additional training or targeted dynamic guides. This helps our users get the best possible experience.

Then there’s Sharktower itself, of course – my default go-to in terms of managing day-to-day work, checking what tasks I have been assigned and raising new work for colleagues (or myself). I also use it to capture meeting actions and managing implementations across our customers.”

Craig McKay, CEO

Not just the platform itself, but on LinkedIn I always read posts from SlingShot Edge, Everyday Change, and Everyday Agile. All three consistently post engaging content from different perspectives. Their posts also make me smile (and confirm I am not going crazy in my views on certain subjects!).

I also really like Intercom‘s posts – plus use their site for lots knowledge articles and guides.

Kirsty Munro, DevOps Engineer

“For following like-minded people involved in change, data and tech, it has to be Medium. Not only are there some really inspiring articles, I also enjoy the debates in the comments sections.”

Graeme Watt, Lead Product Designer

“I’m a big fan of Invision’s ‘Inside Design‘ content. They have plenty of useful articles often written by guest designers from other organisations, and loads of different perspectives and advice from different angles. They even have an audio book section, podcasts, videos, and a fair few feature length documentaries.”

Lorraine Hosie, Brand & Content Manager

“Though I believe in paying for good content, as someone who does a lot of research across hundreds of different sites, I love 12ft ladder.  It doesn’t so much bypass paywalls as find the cached version of the content that news sites publish for Google to index. So no laws are broken – all it does is show an unpaywalled version of the page!”


We hope you find some of these sites and tools useful, and if you’d like to discuss how our team can make your change challenges a little easier too, let’s talk.

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