The Change Learning Hub

With the Proteus Change Learning Hub, your programmes and teams can benefit from the combined knowledge, skills and experience collated from thousands of change programmes. 

This unique resource enables you to objectively compare your programme performance in-flight, and receive focused recommendations for actions to improve benefits delivery. 

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Tried-and-tested tools, data and insights

Insights from The Hub can give you the certainty and confidence you need to deliver change faster, more reliably and cost-effectively. Its diagnostic tools show how your project compares to good practice profiles – each supplemented with specific lessons and recommendations.

These allow you to benchmark programme status & progress against leading practice, identify whether your programmes are set for success or at risk, and troubleshoot potential issues before they become problems.

Why our clients love the Change Learning Hub

Identify hotspots and problems

Predictive analytics highlight pinch points and hotspots with enough lead time to develop and implement counterstrategies.

Objective, impartial assessment

Diagnostic, data-driven tools remove any bias or personal blind spots, while evidence informs decisions.

Develop change self-sufficiency

In-house learning and development delivers enhanced capability as you continue your transformation journey in the future.

A solution for sustainable change

The Hub is designed to help you build sustainable change capability in-house, manage the complexity of delivering change and ensure your change programmes are set up for success now and in the future.

We also use The Hub to teach our clients to do what we do, by giving them access to our tooling, predictive data insights and a pragmatic set of on-line modules.

Combined with our capability development services, these resources enable you to improve your change capability exponentially and become less reliant on us and other consultancies.

What our clients say

Proteus has enabled us to reach self-sufficiency and given us an effective alternative to the old school consulting model of land and expand.

–  Executive Director of Transformation

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