Tools to help you power and propel change

Alongside our consultancy services, Proteus solutions include tools that help you transform your internal change performance and delivery capabilities.

These intelligent solutions are designed to empower your teams with the insights and processes they need to measure and deliver change projects and programmes objectively and consistently.

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The Change Learning Hub

Our change learning hub is a suite of resources – from diagnostic tools and predictive data insights to online modules – all developed using data collected from thousands of previous projects.  

This independently and statistically proven data can help you benchmark performance, identify hotspots and enable more effective decision-making. 

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Our Change Delivery Platform

Sharktower is a project and programme delivery platform that gives everyone in your organisation the insights and features they need to respond to change in a consistent, transparent way.

Created specifically for managing complex change and transformation programmes, it allows teams to plan, manage and deliver in one place, with predictive analytics and real-time insights that increase the probability of successful outcomes.

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